Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Photos from the (fairly recent) past...

This past summer, I had the privelege to once again get to travel to Tennessee to see my grandparents there. It was just my son and me out on the roads, seeing the sights that have become so familiar to me. So, on the way back, I decided to detour a bit, and see places I have never viewed before. Frozen Head State Park was where I landed, and here are a few of the sights I seen....

I couldn't help but notice the beautiful flowers and butterflies that covered an area at the entrance of one of the trails!
And I would have felt bad not to take a picture of these forgotten trucks from years before.

What a beautiful little wedding chapel this was!

Beautiful, isn't it?

Have I ever mentioned before that I LOVE the mountains??

Oh, and flowers? :-)

The beauty of nature and God's amazing handiwork never fail to astound me!
What a wonderful world God has given us!!

Until later,


  1. Me too...love mountains and flowers. But, I live in Illinois and although I do see an occasional hill, we don't have any mountains. Lovely photos!

  2. Beautiful photographs. I love the flowers.


  3. Very beautiful!!!!! Keep them coming!!! :)